About Us

Who are we?

  • We are a collection of communities who want to better the state of the ARG community as a whole. We are collaborating to form a “council” and a network of communities to help us all grow and succeed together. The Network is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of advisory members and server owners to help include as many voices as possible in the decision making process.

Purpose and goal

  • The goal of the network is to fully integrate and connect all of our various communities together. Each community brings something unique to the table, but often the problem is that many users don’t realize that the other communities even exist. Our vision for the PlayMoreGames network is to establish a brand that serves as the de-facto destination for all users when they want to find ARG communities to join. We would also like to use our success to be able to establish community funds and creator funds to give back to our communities and creators and give them the resources that they need to succeed and grow.