Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (henceforth “The Board”) is made up of all owners of the subsidiary servers. The Board makes all major decisions for the PlayMoreGames Network (henceforth “The Network”) and is its primary and sole administrative body. The Board has the full power to make any changes to The Network as needed, including but not limited to the rules, requirements, or composition of the communities on the network. The Board will always strive to act in the best interests of The Network, and the communities that comprise the network. Thus, all material actions of The Board will be logged.

The Chairman of the Board has the ability to take decisions into his hands without authorization of The Board. However, all acts by the Chairman should be communicated to The Board upon request. This allows The Chairman to take important matters or plans into his hands to benefit The Network without authorizing every action by The Board. This includes the ability to make material changes to the guidelines or other policies relating to the network, create or disband committees and subcommittees, appoint actual authority to agents of The Network to perform duties, appoint or remove members of The Board (as long as proper notice and explanation is given), accepting or removing servers to/from The Network, as well as basic administrative and operational day to day matters that the network requires.

The next meeting of the Board of Directors is: Ad Hoc

Current Sitting Board Members

Contemplative Panda – Chairman of the Board & Owner of HowToARG

Geekman – Board Member & Owner of The Sun Vanished

Aidan Elliott – Advisory Board Member & Distinguished Creator

Ekat Clan – Advisory Board Member & Owner of /r/ARG Discord